1962 - Calgary Local Council of Women proposed that two major green spaces should be set aside in Calgary. One of these, Nose Hill, was identified as a potential park in the north of the city.

1972 - At a public hearing of City Council at City Hall, plans were considered for a development on Nose Hill. Representatives from Dalhousie and Huntington Hills Community Associations spoke against the development, arguing the case for a major natural environment park as a backdrop to the City. City Council turned down the development proposal. A group of citizens representing eight communities met at the Thorncliffe-Greenview Hall to discuss possibilities for the preservation of Nose Hill. This resulted in a Citizen's Brief presented to Calgary City Council. City Council authorized a Nose Hill Park Steering Committee, made up of citizens, civic administrators and representatives from the University of Calgary. Initial efforts went into putting together the Nose Hill Design Brief, a plan for a natural park on Nose Hill, which was approved by the Calgary Planning Commission in March, 1973.

1973 - In April, Calgary City Council ratified the Nose Hill Park Design Brief, with only minor changes, which established the size of the park at 4099 acres (1659 hectares ). In the course of the year over 4,000 acres were set aside for Nose Hill natural park.

1974/6 - During these two years the City of Calgary purchased 1,300 acres (526.1 hectares) on Nose Hill.

1976 - The size of Nose Hill Park was reduced to 2600 acres (1,052 hectares).

1977 - Glen Abbey Corporation and United Management purchased 700 acres (283.3 hectares).

1978 - A master planning study was initiated.

1979 - United Management and Hartel Holdings proposed a zoning reclassification of the land on Nose Hill. In response, in early April of that year concerned citizens collected over 5,000 signatures on a petition opposing the zoning reclassification proposal and organized a march along John Laurie Blvd in defence of Nose Hill Park. Subsequently, City Council voted against any rezoning of Nose Hill Park lands.

1980 - City Council adopted the first Nose Hill Park Master Plan which recommended the preservation of a 2,740 acre (1109 hectare) park.

1981 - The Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee (MAC) was established in order to "give advice to the City of Calgary, Parks and Recreation Department on matters related to planning, development and management of Nose Hill Park." This committee has operated continuously to the present day.

1981 - The Nose Hill Park Communities Board was formed in response to a request from the City Parks and Recreation Department for public participation in the implementation of the Nose Hill Park Master Plan.

1984 - The Supreme Court of Canada gave the City of Calgary the right to purchase land on Nose Hill at its own pace.

1986 - In September, the provincial government agreed to delay planning legislation that would have forced the City to buy the land or have it rezoned for housing.

1988 - A Task Force of City administrators, provincial ministers and landowners began working to resolve the issue of unsold lands on Nose Hill Park.

1988 - In October, a developer sold a parcel of land to a homebuilder, in an attempt to force the City of Calgary to purchase the rest of Nose Hill land as parkland.

1989 - G. H. Cornish , City of Calgary Engineer and Chairman of the Nose Hill Task Force forwarded the Report of the Task Force to the Premier of Alberta, Donald R. Getty, saying in the covering letter: "The Task Force believes that the recommendations contained in the attached report bring a fair and equitable settlement of this long outstanding issue and will result in the Nose Hill lands being retained as a public open space in perpetuity."

1989 - The City and the Province shared the cost of the $26.6 million dollar purchase from the landowners and Calgarians at last gained their 2600 acre (1052 hectare) park.

1992 - The Friends of Nose Hill, originally called the Nose Hill Park Users Group, was formed to inform and represent the interests of park users.

1996 - Report to City Council on Cycling Policy.

1997 - CPS97-85, Report to the S.P.C. on Community and Protective Services: Cycling Policy on Undesignated Trails in Parkland.

2000 - CPS2000-14, Report to the S.P.C. on Community and Protective Services: Nose Hill Park Undesignated Trails.

2000 - CPS2000-49, Report to the S.P.C. on Community and Protective Services: Biophysical Impact Assessment - Nose Hill Trail 5-8.

2000 - December Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Plan, North, Draft Report.

2001 - October. City Council Organizational meeting (in camera). Council approves motion to have Parks review Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee's membership, composition, terms of reference and mandate.

2001 - November. Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee first reference to review of committee

2001 - December Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee meeting. Parks presentation on recommending a "change in M.A.C. to a Management and Stewardshiop role".

2001 - February 11 DRaft of new Terms of Reference given to MAC

2002 - February. CPS2002-32. New Structure for the Nose Hill Management Advisory Committee. The Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee was dissolved and replaced with the Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee.

2002 - April 16. TTP2002-17. Report to S.P.C. on Transportation, Transit and Parking. Paved Pathways within Nose Hill Park.

2002 - April 17. CPS 2002-32. Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee.

2002 - November 12 Application to City for Coupland memorial Bench, requesting that the existing policy of no memorial benches in the park be changed. MAC is not informed.

2002 - December 18. Letter from Park to Bench applicants reporting that, in response to their request, the policy would be changed and the Coupland memorial bench would be installed.

2003 - January 15. The Friends of Nose Hill Society objectives were modified to exclude representation of park user groups since park user groups are now individually represented on the Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee.

2003 - CPS2003-40. Report to the S.P.C. on Community and Protective Services: Update on Nose Hill Park Undesignated Trails Policy and Multi-use Pilot Trail.

2003 - June 20. Friends of Nose Hill instigate a freedom of information request to the city regarding the Coupland memorial bench and the John Laurie rock.

2003 - August. The Friends of Nose Hill Society discovers that the new committee is not a committee of City Council, and that the new committee only reports to the Parks Department itself.

2004 - January 17. In response to the concerns of members of the Park Committee, the Parks Dept. provided a workshop for discussion of the Committee process.

2004 - March The Parks Department presents the Nose Hill Park Trail and Pathway Plan scope of work and management philosophy document.

2004 - March Overpass Project update.

2004 - March 11 2004 John Laurie Boulevard - Pedestrian Overpass Stakeholder consultation meeting 2

2004 - June. The City Parks Department initiated a new Trail and Pathway Planning Process.

2004 - June 10 Stakeholder Meeting #1.

2004 - June 22 Summary of Issues, Summary of Routing Criteria.

2004 - June 24 Stakeholder Meeting #2.

2004 - September 11 Stakeholder Meeting #3..

2004 - September 16 Stakeholder questionnaire

2004 - October 27 Stakeholder Meeting #4.

2004 - December 6 Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee, Based on a positive vote by stakeholders, Parks agrees to continue the Committee.

2005 - January 13 Draft Operating Agreement NHNEPC. Six levels of consensus document.

2005 - January 15 Open House #1.

2005 - February 8 Stakeholder Meeting #5.

2005 - February 26 Open House #2.

2005 - March 15 Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee meeting. Stakeholders sign operating agreement.

2005 - April 21 Stakeholder Meeting #6.

2005 - May Minority report of Stakeholders on the Nose HIll Park Trail and Pathway Plan.

2005 - May 4 Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services cps 2005-29.

2005 - May 16 City Council Meeting cps 2005-29.

2005 - June 8 Stakeholder Meeting on the Communities Board Alternative Plan.

2005 - June 27 Stakeholder Meeting #7.

2005 - July Parks meeting to respond to the Nose Hill Park Communities Board Proposal.

2005 - July 25 City Council Approves the Plan.

2005 - October 31 Ursus Ecosystem Management System Ltd report: Mitigation Plan/Ecological Assessment - Nose Hill Pathway-Segment 1.

2006 - February 21 Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee meeting

2006 - March 21 Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee meeting.

2006 - Parks Department letter confirming disbanding of the Nose Hill Natural Environment Park Committee.

2006 - June Ursus Ecosystem Management System Ltd report:Biophysical Impact Assessment, Nose Hill Park-Cross-Pathway Routes

2006 - June 30 Stakeholder Update

2006 - July 31 Stakeholder Update

2006 - October 5 Stakeholder Update

2007 January Stakeholder Update

2007 February 7 CPS2007-01 Pathway Implementation Update

2007 April Stakeholder Update

2007 May Stakeholder Update

2007 June Stakeholder Update

2007 July Stakeholder Update

2007 August Stakeholder Update