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Nature Alberta — May Plant Count: May 25-31, 2017

The May Plant Count (MPC) is an annual event where volunteers survey their favorite natural area to provide valuable information on the distribution and phenology of flowering plants in Alberta during the last week of May (May 25-31). MPC is a Nature Alberta citizen science initiative supported by the ANPC. It's a great opportunity to shake off the rust from our plant identification skills that has accumulated over the winter and conduct a fun "trek and check" through your favourite natural space. Expertise in wildflower identification is valuable, but not mandatory. Kim MacKenzie will be once again coordinating the MPC so please contact Kim at to sign up and to receive the 2017 MPC information package.
OR, use our form: Alphabetical Flower List, which includes space to record how far in bloom the flowers are and email that to Kim.

FONHS Guided Walk

The FONHS is hosting a free guided walk (2 hours) on Nose Hill to identify flowers and discuss the May Count of Plants in Bloom.

  • When: Wed May 17, 2017 @ 7pm
  • Where: Nose Hill parking lot at 14 St NW & 64 Ave NW.
Please register at:

Our guide, John McFaul, is a professional naturalist who has been leading nature walks and hikes for 30 years. A native Calgarian, he received a BSc degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Calgary. John is an honourary member of the Calgary Field Naturalists' Society (Nature Calgary) and has been awarded the prestigious Loran L. Goulden Award and the Frank and Alice Harper Memorial Award from the Federation of Alberta Naturalists (Nature Calgary). He is an accredited Professional Interpreter with the Interpretive Guides Association (

In support of the Alberta Wilderness Association
Saturday, April 22, 2017
The Bow Building
500 Centre St SE, Calgary, AB