Nature Alberta — May Plant Count: May 25-31, 2017

The May Plant Count (MPC) is an annual event where volunteers survey their favorite natural area to provide valuable information on the distribution and phenology of flowering plants in Alberta during the last week of May (May 25-31). MPC is a Nature Alberta citizen science initiative supported by the ANPC. It's a great opportunity to shake off the rust from our plant identification skills that has accumulated over the winter and conduct a fun "trek and check" through your favourite natural space. Expertise in wildflower identification is valuable, but not mandatory. Kim MacKenzie will be once again coordinating the MPC so please contact Kim at to sign up and to receive the 2017 MPC information package.
OR, use our form: Alphabetical Flower List, which includes space to record how far in bloom the flowers are and email that to Kim.

FONHS Guided Walk

Here is a list of the flowers that John McFaul helped us find on Nose Hill on Wednesday night, May 17, 2017. Many of these can be found pictured in May Count of Flowers Short List.

Star-flowered Solomon's Seal
Bastard Toadflax
Fieldmouse-ear chickweed
Prairie crocus
Wild Strawberry
Three flowered avens
Early cinquefoil
Early yellow locoweed
Golden bean
Early blue violet
Western Canada violet

Mountain shooting star
Wolley gromwell
Smooth blue beardtongue
Northern bedstraw
Northern gooseberry
Canada buffaloberry


Friends of Nose Hill Society
Inaugural Amateur Photo Contest

  • Open to all Nose Hill Park enthusiasts.
  • A maximum of four photo submissions, one each for the four contest themes.
  • Photo contest themes include:
    • Landscapes and sky views of Nose Hill Park.
    • Flora and Fauna of Nose Hill Park.
    • Environmental threats to Nose Hill Park.
    • Urban astrophotography from within Nose Hill Park.
Photos must have been taken between October 1st 2016 and September 30th 2017. Guidelines and entry forms are available for download or by request.

Spring Newsletter

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Friends of Nose Hill Society Membership Fee

Our 2017 membership fee is $20.00.

The North Calgary Water Servicing Project

As part of a long-term plan for the water supply system, The North Calgary Water Servicing project is now underway. A new water supply line (main) is required to service future development and to ensure the sustainability of the water supply system in north Calgary.

The Nose Hill Park portion of the project will be completed in two phases:

Phase 1: Soil Sampling (Mid-February - Early April 2017)
Phase 2: Construction (Summer 2017- Summer 2018)

The Society

This site is intended to serve the members of the Society. We also welcome visitors and encourage them to contact us and contribute information about the Park. Nose Hill Park is the largest natural area urban park in Canada, covering approximately 2700 acres in north central Calgary, Alberta. It offers a unique prairie grassland environment and a ready escape from the pressures of the modern city.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society is an incorporated society dedicated to the protection of the Park for the benefit of all Calgarians. The objectives of the Society are:

  • to advocate the preservation of Nose Hill Natural Environment Park in its natural state;
  • to provide information, awareness and education for the preservation of the Park;
  • organize and encourage volunteer participation in the Park;
  • to liaise with special interest groups concerned with the Park.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society Annual General Meeting was held last November. Board meetings are held once a month. All members are welcome to attend. Email for information on the time and location of the meeting.