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The Parks & Pathway Bylaw is being reviewed. Share your feedback. The deadline for feedback is February 28th.

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Fall Newsletter

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Friends of Nose Hill
Inaugural 2017 Amateur Photo Contest Winners

1. Flora and Fauna of Nose Hill Park

First place winner and Best in Show:

Lady Bug on a Flower Jim Walling

Second place winner:

Coyote Dave Simms

Third place winner:

Man with his dog "Kiss Before the Storm" Sharon Carltons

2. Environmental Threats
First place winner:

Dumped tank Brendan McPhail

3. Landscapes and Skyviews of Nose Hill
First place winner:

Buck on the prairie Jim Walling

Second place winner:

Trees and Lake in the fog Brendan McPhail

Third place winner:

Trail on the prairie with clouds and blue sky Alex Zhao

4. Astrophotography
First place winner:

Night sky with stars Brendan McPhail

Second place winner:

Sunset behind the plants Alex Zhao

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who entered.

Four New Book Reviews

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Nose Hill Trail and Pathway Plan

Over the past few years, a number of projects were done in Nose Hill Park as part of the implementation of the Nose Hill Trail and Pathway Plan. The controversial plan was approved by Council in July 2005 and construction began in 2006, with asphalt paving. Project plans are on the city website and there is a map with an update on our website.

Construction activities continue and focus on the following work:

  • Building primary (gravel) trails, timber landscape stairs for problem grades, and stabilized tread (dirt - single track) trails.
  • Other options are to re-vegetate trails naturally, ploughing a trail to a shallow depth, and reseeding. The length will be decided in the field, depending on the sightlines, and to the satisfaction of the City Project Manager.

One of our members said: "I hope all is in order but I was alarmed to see a backhoe parked above Charleswood & John Laurie, south of the gulley from Brisebois Drive. I hope there is no plan to pave or gravel that path along the ridge crest. We have so many paved and manicured paths already on the Hill."

Here is an answer from the Zone 3 Parks Superintendent to the Ward 4 Councillor:
"The backhoe is being used to construct the formal gravel trail that is on the attached construction drawings in a little square. It will be a designated trail replacing a worn desire line trail. The construction of the stairway and designated trails have gone as planned this year and look great."


Friends of Nose Hill Society Membership Fee

Our 2017 membership fee is $20.00.

The North Calgary Water Servicing Project

As part of a long-term plan for the water supply system, The North Calgary Water Servicing project is now underway. A new water supply line (main) is required to service future development and to ensure the sustainability of the water supply system in north Calgary.

The Nose Hill Park portion of the project will be completed in two phases:

Phase 1: Soil Sampling (Mid-February - Early April 2017)
Phase 2: Construction (Summer 2017- Summer 2018)

The Society

This site is intended to serve the members of the Society. We also welcome visitors and encourage them to contact us and contribute information about the Park. Nose Hill Park is the largest natural area urban park in Canada, covering approximately 2700 acres in north central Calgary, Alberta. It offers a unique prairie grassland environment and a ready escape from the pressures of the modern city.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society is an incorporated society dedicated to the protection of the Park for the benefit of all Calgarians. The objectives of the Society are:

  • to advocate the preservation of Nose Hill Natural Environment Park in its natural state;
  • to provide information, awareness and education for the preservation of the Park;
  • organize and encourage volunteer participation in the Park;
  • to liaise with special interest groups concerned with the Park.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society Annual General Meeting was held last November. Board meetings are held once a month. All members are welcome to attend. Email for information on the time and location of the meeting.