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Annual General Meeting
of the Friends of Nose Hill Society

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, at 7 p.m. in the Pub/Lounge
at the Triwood Community Centre, 2244 Chicoutimi Dr. NW.


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, November 15, 2017.
  2. Annual Report by the President
  3. Approval of the audited Financial Statements
  4. Appointment of the auditors for the coming year
  5. Election of Officers
    Elections will be held for the following positions, for two-year terms: The President, Vice President, Treasurer, and up to four Directors. Nominations for these positions should be received by the Secretary of the Society before the start of the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary and two Directors will continue serving the second year of their terms in the coming year.
  6. Other Business: The future directions of The Friends of Nose Hill.
  7. Adjournment

Following the formal meeting, we will have a special guest speaker:
Samantha Managh,
Parks Ecologist, Landscape Analyst
Calgary Parks, Urban Conservation, City of Calgary.

This is a chance for you to take a peek into Calgary's local parks when people aren't around and see what the critters get up to! A Calgary Parks initiative, Calgary Captured, is launching Season 2; it is a city-wide citizen science program that has installed over 60 wildlife remote cameras in 13 Calgary parks. This season includes 70,000 photos from September 2017 to February 2018. Season 1 was immensely successful with over 120,000 images classified in a short 51 days!

Samantha Managh began her career at a not-for-profit environmental research institute. Through her time there, she developed skills in various conservation-related disciplines that include spatial analysis, research design, wildlife management, transportation ecology, and citizen science. Currently, in her role with Calgary Parks, she is responsible for citywide landscape analysis and leading citizen science programming.

She is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Seven New Book Reviews for 2018

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New Mailing Address

Friends of Nose Hill Society has MOVED.
Our New Mailing Address is:
PO Box 45024 Brentwood PO
Calgary AB T2L 1Y4.

Pathway and Bikeway Plan Update (Transportation Planning)

The plan from 2000 is currently being updated to reflect changes to the existing network, updated connections, and approved policies. Prioritization will also be reviewed. Determine new pathways, bikeways and missing connections to improve connectivity city-wide, including to the Genesis Centre currently underway. It is anticipated that the final plan will be presented to Council in 2018 Q3.

Motion-Activated Wildlife Cameras

The City has set up nearly 70 motion-activated wildlife cameras in areas animals use to get around the Calgary. The cameras are in 12 parks across Calgary with a focus on the west and north sides of the city. These cameras don't just show what species are present but also where they move. Tens of thousands of pictures of passing animals have been captured by the solar-powered cameras. Pictures of humans are immediately deleted. There is now photographic evidence of raccoons in Calgary, from Fish Creek to Panorama. A citizen science initiative has been launched on the volunteer research website Zooniverse to enlist the help of Calgarians to "crowdsource" the identification of images.

Calgary Parks & Pathway Bylaw Review :: Engage

The Parks & Pathway Bylaw is being reviewed. The deadline for feedback has passed.

Click here for the survey: Parks and Pathways Bylaw Review

The current bylaw can be found here: Current Bylaw


  • 2017: Internal research & input
  • February/March 2018: Public Engagement
  • Spring/Summer 2018: Project team to determine next steps
  • Fall 2018: Updated Bylaw drafted and presented to Council for approval

Friends of Nose Hill
2017 Amateur Photo Contest Winners

1. Flora and Fauna of Nose Hill Park

First place winner and Best in Show:

Lady Bug on a Flower Jim Walling

Second place winner:

Coyote Dave Simms

Third place winner:

Man with his dog "Kiss Before the Storm" Sharon Carltons

2. Environmental Threats
First place winner:

Dumped tank Brendan McPhail

3. Landscapes and Skyviews of Nose Hill
First place winner:

Buck on the prairie Jim Walling

Second place winner:

Trees and Lake in the fog Brendan McPhail

Third place winner:

Trail on the prairie with clouds and blue sky Alex Zhao

4. Astrophotography
First place winner:

Night sky with stars Brendan McPhail

Second place winner:

Sunset behind the plants Alex Zhao

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who entered.

Friends of Nose Hill Society Membership Fee

Our membership fee is $20.00.

The Society

This site is intended to serve the members of the Society. We also welcome visitors and encourage them to contact us and contribute information about the Park. Nose Hill Park is the largest natural area urban park in Canada, covering approximately 2700 acres in north central Calgary, Alberta. It offers a unique prairie grassland environment and a ready escape from the pressures of the modern city.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society is an incorporated society dedicated to the protection of the Park for the benefit of all Calgarians. The objectives of the Society are:

  • to advocate the preservation of Nose Hill Natural Environment Park in its natural state;
  • to provide information, awareness and education for the preservation of the Park;
  • organize and encourage volunteer participation in the Park;
  • to liaise with special interest groups concerned with the Park.

The Friends of Nose Hill Society Annual General Meeting was held last November. Board meetings are held once a month. All members are welcome to attend. Email for information on the time and location of the meeting.